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Capturing the Perfect Shot + FBF

We all want that perfect, tack sharp action photo, and for us moms it usually revolves around our kids playing. 

And with two rowdy boys I have been given ample opportunities to "get it right." 

But this post isn't about getting it perfect. 

What?! I thought that's what the title said?!

I know. It's just that my idea of perfect might be a little bit different than yours. Or maybe you could use a nudge to see the perfection that's already there.

Ok. Stick with me. In the shot above Little Dude was swinging at the park. This guy absolutely loves swinging, sliding, or anything that involves motion. The dude doesn't ever stop moving. 

Back to the shot. In that moment I was pushing two kids on the swings, while trying to photograph the day. 

If you notice, he's blurry.  I could have fixed that by setting the shutter speed to a higher setting.  In editing, I did fix it some using the clarity and sharpening tools in Lightroom. The exposure was also way off, as the camera was metering off the sky, when I should have metered off his face. But he was in motion.  And I was too, trying to keep him in the frame.  Again in editing I increased the exposure some, played with contrast and vibrance, but it's still not perfect. 

But you know what is perfect? 
That smile on his face. 
That giggle that didn't stop until he slowed down. 
That I captured a memory from that day, that even though the photograph isn't perfect, the memory is. 

It reminded me that each photograph isn't going to be perfect, and I don't need to spend all my time focused on my camera trying to make it that way.

I need to remember to really "see" the image and everything that went on in the making of it. 
Sorry to let you down if you were hoping for the formula for that "perfect" photo. It's out there... I just haven't found it today.  Today's perfection lies in in the deeper beauty.

Speaking of beauty,  have you checked out Find Beauty Friday?  I'm so excited to be co-hosting with Aimee from Dear Harper today!  I found her blog a while ago, and loved the idea of finding beauty in things, photographing them, and linking up to show everyone.  Go check out her blog... there's so much goodness on there! And link up to show off some beauty too!

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10 PEOPLE COMMENTED ON "Capturing the Perfect Shot + FBF "

  1. This is a great shot. I action shots are difficult especially where children are involved. You should be proud! Plus you captured all of that cuteness, that's a win win.

    1. Thank you friend! How's your sunny day going today?

  2. I love this photo AND the message behind it! It is EXACTLY what Find Beauty Friday is all about! Thanks so much for co-hosting, friend! xo

    1. Thank YOU for having me today! I love the idea of Find Beauty Friday!

  3. I saw 100% smiling face and 0% blur. I guess it's because I'm not a Photographer, just a photographer, but I'm just looking for the beauty! And I found it!

    1. Hey Brianne! I was once told that anyone who uses an art form to express themselves is a "capital A" Artist. So the same goes for photography I think! If you love photography and use it to express yourself, your a "capital P" Photographer! I just accepted this deep down though! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love this!! I'm waiting on my offspring to arrive so I can play with action shots! Right now, I only have pups and they are very sick of me. Stopping by from Photog Friday..glad I did :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Ashley! I'm glad you stopped by too! Your photography is awesome! And yes, your kids will definitely become your go-to subjects... and usually they'll like it (in my experience... or maybe they just don't know any different!)

  5. Aww that's a precious picture!


  6. You are so right - sometimes the technical stuff simply doesn't matter :) Great shot, you captured his joy perfectly!